Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2 things + 2 things = 4 things

1. I'm only a week behind here, but the twins turned two last Monday (April 8th!).  I can't believe those little munchkins are two!  I can't imagine our family without them.  Monday was emotional for me, for obvious reasons.  It was weird, at 12:19 PM I was sitting at my desk and looked at my watch.  Blake was born at 12:20 PM and Bowen 12:30 PM.  I smiled and got teary on their official birthdays.  They are our miracles!  I wouldn't trade them for anything. :)
 2.  It's another pretty busy week for us.  We have track photos.  And prom photos.  And Aaron has three golf meets this week.  The boys have their two year check-ups. Jenna starts softball practice.  No dull moments, ever!

3.  Aaron has officially received the call that they are closing his file to be Blake's kidney donor.  Sad, but we knew they had to do that in order to move on down the list.  They (Iowa City) have been in contact with the next two people on the list so they can begin their testing.  We will wait and see what happens!

4.  And finally, there was a Blake Burdorf Benefit 5K Fun Run/Walk last Saturday in State Center Saturday!  A friend of ours organized the entire thing and there were many other volunteers who made it a success.  I will do a separate post about this, but we have amazing support and can't say enough about our community!  Also, a bunch of our family came as well - here's the group that made the trip:

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