Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My Easter post.  Finally.  :)  Anyway, we headed up to Mankato to see Justin, Mandy and Maddox.  My dad and Linda also came up on Saturday.  

Friday night we were able to swim and go out for supper with our good friends who also live in Mankato, Scott and Lisa.

Saturday was a fundraiser 5K for LEEP, where Mandy is the Executive Director.  It is a really great place and I was more than happy to run to raise money for the cause.  Scott also ran too!  Here we are pre-race:
They always have the run on Easter weekend, so it really has an Easter theme: it's a bunny run and there is also an Easter Egg Scramble for the kids.  Scramble.  Get it?!
We don't like Santa.  We don't like the Easter Bunny either apparently...
Bowen REALLY doesn't like the Easter Bunny.  Aaron said that Blake might have liked him, but Bowen was in hysterics, which freaked Blake out.
$2,000 raised!  Woo-Hoo!  The run was really good!  I actually set a PR in the 5K, which was awesome and made me super happy.

Jenna getting her goodies. 
Saturday afternoon Mandy, Justin, Aaron and Linda headed to Mandy's office.  The twins were napping, so while my dad baby-sat I took the three kiddos to a nearby park.  
 Trees.  Water.  A paved trail.  Ball diamonds.  Playground equipment.  A hockey rink. I'm so incredibly jealous that Justin and Mandy are lucky enough to have this so close to them!
Boys will be boys.
More of the same.  Please excuse my terribly bright photos.  The kids ran from one thing to the next and I didn't realize how bright they were.  Whoops.
Jenna, Brody, Maddox...cousins.
This sign wasn't comforting...
The kids had so much fun.  Jenna declared it, "The best nature walk ever!" Here they were sending their wishes out to the sea.  Whatever that meant.  I admire their imaginations though!

I wish I could put one of these in our sandbox.  Brode was obsessed.

Justin was giving Aaron a hard time about taking Blake's BP Friday night, so Aaron made Uncle Justin do it on Saturday night.  His nursing skills were shining. :)
We got to go swimming!  The kids loved it!  Ok, Maddox, Jenna and Blake did.  Brody and Bowen are still leary.

This was Blake's first real swim.  He can't really take baths because his dialysis catheter can't be completely submerged, but pools are ok. The boy is a fish!  He was in seventh heaven and just couldn't get enough of the water. 

This is the Justin Hunecke special...the sea coffin!
He pert near emptied the pool on numerous occasions!
This is a random of Bowen.  Oh my word, he looked like a little man in his towel!
After an awesome church service on Sunday, we went to the Wow Zone for a buffet and they also had a ton of stuff for the kids to do like arcade games, bowling and miniature golf. 
It was a good weekend.  I love when the cousins get to hang out and I love seeing family.  It's the best! The cousin pic: Blake, Maddox, Jenna, Brody and Bowen. 

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