Thursday, January 3, 2013

The way I see it...

Have you all seen on the news what has happened in response to the 26 deaths in Newton, Connecticut?  Ann Curry from NBC News challenged people to do 26 acts of kindness, one for each of the children and adults that were so tragically killed

It's been quite an amazing movement.  I've been following along on Twitter.  People have been posting the nice things they have been doing.  It is just so inspiring.

I have to share with you that I have been the recipient of not one, not two, but THREE acts of kindness directed at me the past week.

First of all, Jen Nason with her 12/12/12 birthday surprised me at the office with a donation to help with our family's expenses.  She said that many people requested that the money be given to our family.  It was so unexpected and thoughtful and I cried because it was just so nice.  Thank you Jen!

Secondly, I received the nicest card with a gas card and restaurant gift card.  The card said something about me being a terrific mom and that they hope this helps a little with a doctor's visit or hospital stay.  And, the most important part to me?  They are praying for us.  And then, that made me cry.  I'm so thankful for these people that made my entire day!

Finally, some sweet lady offered me to go ahead of her in line at Wal-Mart the other night because I was alone with all four kids.  She had already unloaded her cart, so I thanked her, but told her she could go.  It was such a small thing, but super thoughtful!

I have been so inspired by the 26 acts and things I have experienced personally, that I wanted to do something to pass it on  I called the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City and anonymously donated a couple nights stay for a family.  It wasn't much, but I hope it helped a family that really needed it.

Here's the thing.  There will, unfortunately, always be those selfish people in the world.  The ones that only think about themselves and how other people can help them and what they can get from other people.  I have no time for selfishness.  None.

I think, by and large, people have amazing, generous hearts.  The human spirit is quite an awesome thing to witness, don't you think?  Wasn't it Helen Keller who is quoted, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much?"  So true.

It's such a great feeling to be on the receiving end of somebody's thoughtfulness.  But, as good as that is, it feels even better to do something for somebody else.  Be kind.  Do something thoughtful and pay it forward, but that's just the way I see it.     


Erica Felkey said...

Awesome and inspiring! We stayed at the Rosetti (sp) house when we were in Iowa City. I'm going to call tomorrow and do the same! I love your attitude and the way you make others 'feel.' I'm proud to know you!

Megan Barber said...

So funny your post is about I was just looking around the internet last night for ways to teach that message to the students at school...and i came across the website many cool things!