Friday, January 25, 2013

Instagram FRIDAY!

Happy Friday everybody!  I can't believe how fast the week has gone by, but another weekend is just knocking at the door.  Brody, Blake, Bowen and I are all heading to Iowa City this morning.  Blake needs to get some transplant labs done and we are going to see our friends in North Liberty afterwards. Should be a great day! Here are some recent Instagram photos I have taken.

For Bowen, pants are optional.  He just walks around the house like this like it's no big deal.
 Early last week Blake was not feeling the best.  As in, we were on the verge of a trip to Iowa City for a few days.  All the boys had colds, but with Blake he had so much junk in his lungs it was making him throw-up.  Blake+throw-up=dehyrdation.  LUCKILY, we were able to fix the problem at home with slow feeds thoughout the day.  Yay!  Brody was giving him oranges while I was making supper and he was throwing them around the kitchen.  I didn't care.  I felt bad because he'd been hooked-up to his feeding machine forever. 
 My little Hawkeyes!  Do you see their shirts? One says, I'm a Hawkeye just like me dad.  The other says, I'm a Hawkeye just like my mom.  So cute!  And Bowen is also smiling because the stinker snuck some oreos.
Brody is obsessed with baths right now.  If you leave the kid for 3 seconds, he will fill the water to the edge and then pretend he's having a pool party.  Water EVERYWHERE.
 How true is this?  Absolutely love this quote I found in a magazine.
 Blake fell asleep with his sock in his mouth on the way to Cherokee.  He loves chewing on socks and towels.  Whatever floats his boat I guess...
 Jenna and her new cousin, Carter.  Jenna came up to me after she held him the first time and said, "He's so cute mom.  And warm!" Hahaha.
 We woke up to snow!  And a drive home that looked like this the first part of the way.  The meteorologists failed to mention this.  Not cool.  By the time we got to Fort Dodge things were normal.
 Soup Sunday!  I made a couple of sounds on Sunday that we ate and then I had leftovers all week.
And me.  Smiling.  Because my 35 minutes on the treadmill was over.  Man I hate that thing!!
We have a busy weekend!  Aaron helps run the Coaches vs. Cancer event tonight at the high school.  All day Saturday we will be in Ames for the ISU Dance Marathon!  We are super excited for our second year being a part of this awesome cause that raises money for the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. HAPPY WEEKEND!!

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teddybearsjourney said...

We missed you by less than half an hour up in the dialysis unit Friday. We popped over ti say hi after our appointment down in PSC. Have a great weekend! (I never heard from the dance marathon people...)