Thursday, January 17, 2013


On Monday, January 14th my dad turned 60!  The weekend before that, my two uncles (Stan and Tim) and my Aunt Betty surprised my dad in Ames for his pre-birthday weekend.  He had no idea they were coming and he was super surprised.
They all stayed at a hotel in Ames, so Jenna and Brody swam, we had cake (before supper!) and then headed to Hickory Park for a late supper.  My uncles brought my dad a ton of stuff making fun of how old he now is.  Can you see what that koozie says?  Ha!
 Blakers just couldn't keep his eyes open.  Betty and Bowen.  We didn't let the twins swim because Blake couldn't, so we thought it would be easier to keep them both out of the water.
 Jenna and Brody swam for a couple hours.  They were EXHAUSTED that nite. 
 Brody was scared to death Uncle Tim was going to let him drown.  He was seriously freaking out.
 Me and my dad.  If he's 60, that must mean I'm getting older too, huh?!
 And, in case you're wondering, I'm his favorite... :)
 The Hunecke boys Tim, Stan and the birthday boy.  When we were at Hickory Park, Bowen was thoroughly confused about my Uncle Stan ( in the middle).  I think he thought he was Grandpa Larry, but he kind of knew he wasn't.  He looked at Stan.  Then at grandpa.  Then at Stan again.  He didn't know what to think! :)
Even though it was only for a few hours, I was glad we could help surprise my dad for his 60th.  Wishing him many, many more birthdays!

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