Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Resolutions

I'm a little behind here, but I have actually been thinking about my 2013 goals and resolutions.  I feel like I have a lot of them, which is probably bad since most of them end up failing anyway.  I figured if I put them on the blog, I might be more apt to follow through with them.  Probably wishful thinking, but here goes...

1. DATE NIGHT!  I would love for Aaron and me to go on a date once a month.  It's hard.  Really hard to find time with our crazy life, but I know that it's so important.  We have so much fun when we do go.  We act like we're 17 again. :)  

2. READ MORE.  I love to read and always have.  With my limited time problem, this will also be challenging.  My goal is one book a month.  I know you "readers" out there probably just laughed at me, but there are only so many hours in a day!  

3. LAUNDRY.  This is my Achilles heel to the upmost.  I hate laundry.  Despise laundry.  The thing is, it's not actually the washing or drying of laundry.  It's the folding and putting away.  Emphasis on folding.  Oy.  Again, it's the time thing.  The twins are at the point where I can't fold when they are awake because they mess up my piles, pull the clothes off the table, etc.  My goal when I'm home on and not at the office is to do one load - washed, dried and folded.  

4. ORGANIZE MY PAPER PILES. As a rule, I'm terrible at organization.  However, I'm really, really bad at organizing any sort of papers...mail, bills, work related things, the kids' paperwork from school.  My goal is to sort this stuff right away and throw away immediately what we don't need.

5. MEAL PLANNING.  See above comment about organization. :)  This was one of my resolutions for last year and I think I did it about 60% of the year.  When I did it, it worked awesome!  It was so nice to know exactly what to put on my grocery list and exactly what I was going to fix for supper each night.  This is a must!

6. TAKE TIME FOR ME.  This is also hard.  With our crazy, busy lives  a lot of times I get put on the bottom of my own list.  The thing is, whether it be running or baking or reading or whatever, I think I'm a better, less-stressed mama when I do take a little time for myself. 

That's where I'm at so far.  I'm trying to figure out some more specific running/workout/health-related goals.  I know I need something on the list pertaining to those, I'm just not sure what yet.  I will let you know what I figure out. 

Do you make resolutions?  What are some of yours?  I'm always interested to hear what other people's goals are!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about only reading one book a month. Even I don't always read one a month. It just depends on how much time I have.