Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Break

As I type this, it's the last night of Christmas break.  With the two added snow days, plus the two professional development days the teachers had, it's be a really LONG break.  I'm ready for the kiddos to go back to school and I know they are really ready to back.  I think they are just bored of me!

We took some time to burn off some energy recently.  That was one of the best ideas we had all break!
 Aaron and Jenna worked on some defensive stuff. 
My workout that day included a lot of running up and down the court. How did I do that back in the day?!  I was dying. Yikes!
 Jenna and Brody and I took turns dribbling up and down the court.  Jenna clearly couldn't see her open teammate. Ha.
Brody loves to dribble.  Seriously LOVES it.  Does it in my kitchen all the time.  But only with the right hand.  You cut that off, he would quite certainly starve. :)  We still have time to work on the left hand.

 Monkeys just roaming around...
 Aaron and I played horse.  We had to stop before we finished because the twins had had enough of the gym.
We tried to bring the kitchen chairs back around the table.  Bad idea.  There is climbing.  And dancing.  And scaring the crap out of the mom.  This was a calm moment...
These two have really started communicating with each other.  It's the cutest.
 Peek-a-boo Blake.
 Our friend, Jay, painted his semi to look like this.  Very awesome shout out to Blakers and kidney awareness. 
If it has a steering wheel, Bowen will love it!
 And, we even got in a little sledding.   Or more like we played on some hills behind the school.  Definite downside to living in this flatland called Central Iowa.

Overall, we had a great break!  The upside to January is that we still get to celebrate Christmas with my mom and dad in January.  That's something we're looking forward to. :)

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Unknown said...

Did you teach them the triangle Offense?