Monday, July 23, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

The thing about the twins is, there's two of them.  Yeah, I know...captain obvious, right?!  If one does something, the other has to at least try.  It can be good or bad or scary or funny or frustrating! :)

Here are some photos of what these two little monkeys have been up to lately.  
Climbing the stairs.  If the kitchen door opens they are up there before we know what happens.
 They found where we keep the cereal.  Bowen dumped half a box of Cheerios on the floor.  As you can see, he had fun with that.

 Bowen LOVES corn.  Seriously LOVES it.  Sidenote:  No idea what is up with this face!
 Although Blake might not eat the corn, he chews on it because it feels good on his teeth.
 Bowen with a dog bowl on his head when Bailey was visiting last week.
 This face.  Again.  Every single time he sees the camera.  Oh Bowen... :)
 And Blakers.  These two photos are very good representations of their personalities I think.
Nope.  This isn't a repeat of the prior photos.  The boys got the Cheerios AGAIN.  That's a mommy mistake.  The plus side was they played for a solid 20 minutes without moving around or getting into anything else! :)

 Blake taught Bowen what fun the toilet water is.  This grosses me out beyond belief!
 Just splashing away!

 Under the sink in the kitchen is loads of fun too.  Don't worry, I moved all the plastic bags.

They are only 15, almost 16 months, old and they are just CrAzY!  I'm sure it's going to be a lifetime of craziness, but what did we ever do without these two?!  I honestly can't remember. :)

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Anonymous said...

What face? I have seen that face on Brody a few different times before Bowen was even thought of.
I just never had my camera at the right time.