Friday, July 13, 2012

Omaha Zoo

I'm behind!!!  What else is new, right?!  A couple of weekends ago we headed to Omaha to go to the Henry Doorly Zoo for an ISU Dance Marathon event.  It was super fun (and HOT!).  

Aaron had to ump a late afternoon game in Woodward, so we rode along so we could leave from there.  Guess what happened?  It actually rained!  So, we had to hang out for awhile in the van.  All six of us...

After an hour and a half rain delay I decided to drive around Woodward and look for a park for the kids to play to waste some time since we had been cooped up in the mini van for far to long.  We found the city park, where we found the biggest slide EVER.
Who is a spitting image of their daddy?  Oh right...Brody!!
Back at the game Blake was comfy and just hanging out...
The sunset on the way to Omaha...
Friday night we stayed with Adam and Jill and the girls.  The cousins always have fun together!  It was a crazy night and Saturday we were ready for the zoo.
We saw this sign in the jungle exhibit.  Isn't that interesting?  Think of all the cures that could be out there that are undiscovered.
The twins did AMAZING!!  Seriously, we couldn't have asked for them to do any better.  Numerous other parents from other families kept saying, "I can't believe how good your boys are!"
Just because I like giraffes... :)
We met a family from Spencer.  They are so awesome!  I think we'll definitely be good friends with them.  They also have four kiddos and two of their are miracle kids.  One of their sons had this shirt on...
You all know we believe in miracles.  The kids LOVED the gorillas.  They are so creepishly human.
Our last stop of the day was at the Dairy Cow exhibit.  You know these cows?  They have a mock milking station on them?  I swear everytime we go somewhere I can never get anything to come out! :) Aaron always makes fun of me BUT not at the zoo!  I finally milked a fake cow!!!
All in all, an awesome weekend with our dance marathon family and the Burdorfs!

Last weekend we traveled to Mankato and had an awesome time with the Huneckes!  I'm hoping to get pictures up from that in a very timely manner. :) 

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