Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our life thru instagram...

My latest obsession is instagram.  It's a free app for your phone and it's all about photos!  Yep, you guessed it.  I love it.  Sometimes I can't carry my nice camera around, but I have my phone on me, so I just snap a picture with that.  Here is what we've been up to lately: 

Aaron has been umping. A lot.  I love that he is still around the game. 
Fun for four on the slip 'n slide!
Olympic swimming trials?  Yes please!  The kids are wearing their 'swimming caps.'
We went to Aaron's game and there was a rain delay.  Blakers entertained himself with the steering wheel.  Always with the tongue out. :)
My best helper in the kitchen.  This night, it was Italian Stuffed Shells. YUM.
Bowen is a CLIMBER.  His faves: the kitchen table and the stairs.  
Friday night means the farmer's market!  The kids and I always come home with a good amount of produce and treats!
Brody.  Eating a hot dog.  In a helmet.  At a baseball game. 
Jenna shooting in a dress.  Even though she's a girly girl, I'm impressed with her shooting and how well she can throw a ball!
These pretties were alongside Highway 30.  I just had to stop and pick some.
The boys post-run with me.  They added extra resistance.
Us. :)
We went to the zoo last weekend in Omaha.  The gorillas were one of our favorites. 
That's a short up date from here.  Until next time... :)

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