Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Despite these ridiculously HOT, MISERABLE conditions, we have gotten outside a little bit lately to do some summery fun activities.  Like the playground.  And time on the slip-n-slide in the backyard.  

I had the bigger lens on my camera, so it was nice to catch some expressions of the kiddos where they didn't necessarily know I was taking their photo.  I have problems these days because they are so trained to smile when they see me with the camera!  Haha.  I know there are worse things..

Some photos of Jenna and Brody at the playground:
Jenna with her two #keepfightingblake bracelets on.
 She caught me taking her picture.
 Brody is trying to do the monkey bar thing.

 In love with this expression.  It's so him.
 And this one too.  I'm convinced she is part monkey. :)


 On Sunday when it was 952 degrees we set up the slip-n-slide.  All four of the kiddos loved it.
 Bowen.  Everytime he sees me with the camera he makes this face.  Cracks me up!
 I really like the next few photos of Bowen.  Exploring and discovering.


 What are you lookin' at?!

 Our neighbor brought us ice cream.  She is awesome!
 Hose.  Toes.  Sprinkler.
We are hoping that this heat will break soon.  We hate being cooped up this much, but are so grateful for the time we get to spend outdoors!


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Great pictures! The first one makes Jenna's legs look super long :)