Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Last Saturday we headed over to Iowa State for our very first VEISHEA experience.  Through the ISU Dance Marathon, we got to be part of the parade, which would have really good except for... rained.  Like as soon as we got to Ames it started to rain.  UGH.  We were optimistic and took our sunglasses hoping by the end of the parade the sun would come out, but it didn't.

Anyway, they had two firetrucks for DM families and some of the college kids were able to fit as well. Below is Kylie, Jenna sitting on her new friend Courtney's lap and Emily holding Brody.
Even with the rain, it was a pretty good crowd.  I thought it was neat because we got to go through a part of campus I've never seen before.  What amazing architecture on campus!
The parade started at 10:30AM.  We didn't even move until 11:20.  It was too much for Blake.  He snoozed halfway through the parade.  What I loved about Saturday was that the college students were so nice!  During the parade we were chatting away, telling them our story.  They asked really good questions.

 I also love how it's like a complete free for all.  Random people holding your kids.  Random people playing with your kids.  Whatever. :)  The dance marathon family really is like one big family.  I love it.
 They had a really cool float from the movie, "UP."  This was the back of it.  On the right hand side it says, 'Adventure is out there!'  Love that.
After the parade we went back to a sorority house for lunch.  We got to talk some more with the students and other families.  They even taped the kids (and me by default) for a little video promo thing.  We'll see if we make it in.  Brody was not having it, but Jenna was little miss charismatic.  No surprise there! :)  If they make the cut I will have to try to post the video here on the blog.

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