Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a very laid-back Easter at our house this year.  Because we had all the family down the weekend before, we decided to kind of lay-low on Easter weekend.  Plus, Aaron had to umpire baseball on Saturday, so we couldn't really go anywhere anyway.
We had our first campfire of the year on Friday night.  It was a such a perfect night.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Just perfect for a fire.  
The kids wanted to make s'mores.  They had some issues with not lighting their marshmallows on fire, but otherwise did great. :)
The kiddos decided that they wanted to tell "scary"  stories by the fire.  Oddly enough, they both told stories containing bears.  I told them they should be nervous for our trip to Wisconsin for Kasea's graduation because there's bears in Wisconsin!  Freaked them out a little bit.  Haha.  Aaron also downloaded this cool app to his phone where if you hold up your phone to the sky it points out constellations.  How cool is that?!
Sunday we went to the 9:30 AM church service.  I'm kind of a stickler about family pictures on holidays, so of course I made us gather for a family picture attempt.  We set the camera on a timer on our steps and this was the best we got.  Blake must have seen something really interesting over my shoulder.
My four baby dolls Jenna, Bowen in blue, Blake in green and Brody.
Aaron had the kids in the back practicing golf while I got dinner ready.  I think the biggest plus was that nobody get decked in the face with a club!
Those are plastic golf balls, by the way.  Jenna had to wear her new rain boots she got from the Easter Bunny.

And the twins were just relaxing inside with me.  On their first birthdays.  How is it possible that they are already one?!

Our family spent a lot of time outside, enjoying the nice weather by going for walks, bike rides and taking trips to the playground.  We hope everyone had a wonderful 2012 Easter!

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