Saturday, April 21, 2012

Iowa City Check

Last Thursday Blakers and I headed to Iowa City for his monthly check-up and also an eye appointment to check on the glasses.

Generally, my least favorite part of the trip is when Blake has to get labs done.  There is one lady that I like to do the labs.  If we don't have her, it's chaotic or something goes wrong.  We walked in and the gal wasn't there and I was nervous.  The gal got him stuck in his arm the first time (thankfully) and took the blood.  Once I got him settled down the gal said she didn't get enough.  I was in my head thinking, are you kidding me?!  This mom was not so happy about that.  So, he also had to be poked in the hand.  UGH.

The nephrology part of things went well.  They made a few tweaks to meds and his feeds, which isn't that abnormal.  Dr. Jetton was pleased with his growth the past month.  Amazing what happens when he doesn't puke, right? :)  Anyway, she was ready to start growth hormone shots, but didn't think it was needed. Yay!

Long story short about the visit with the eye doctor...Blake has to be patched.  They don't think he is using his right eye enough and need to make it stronger.

Ideally, the doctor would like to see him patched for 2-3 hours per day.  Blake is actually doing much better with the patch than he does the glasses, which I guess is sort of good.

Isn't Blake cute as a pirate?!  I told him he needs to learn the joke...What's my favorite letter?  Arrrrr.  Aaron and Jenna didn't think that was as funny as I did. :)

Blake heads back to Iowa City Friday for a routine for kidney kids ECHO.  He has to be sedated, which I get nervous about.  Praying that things go well.

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