Sunday, April 29, 2012

The trail

We recently took a nice afternoon and took the kids down to a trail not too far from home.  Our friend, Jay, told us about it and we've kind of been hooked ever since.  It's called the Heart of Iowa Nature Trail and we just love it!  

The kids and I were going to walk and Aaron was going to run a few miles while we walked and catch back up with us later.  Stretching out...  Do you like Aaron's shoes?!  I love the bright orange.
Ready to hit the trail! The whole point of the walk was to make it to the bridge.  More on that to come... 
 I spotted these crazy looking trees on the trail.  Aren't they kind of creepy looking?!
 One of my favorites on the day.  I want to get the kids out in nature as much as I can.  I like how carefree and curious they are on the trail.
 I did not take this picture.  Jenna took it.  The sign that you saw above specifically says no horses on the trail, but this pile of horse poo was in the middle of the walking trail.  That upset Jenna. :)
 We always have to stop for these dandelions.  The kids love to blow them off the stem.
 I love how green the trail has gotten.  The fall makes everything so bare.  Then spring rolls around and it's given a new, colorful life!  You don't feel like you are in Iowa on the trail.

We made it to the bridge...almost!  Heading down the tricky terrain.
 The bridge!  It was built around 1912 and just has the coolest arches.  It's cement and just quite the structure in person.  This photo doesn't do it justice.
 Picture posing time. 
And one more...My favorite. :)
We can't wait for summer!  More walks and time enjoying the natural beauty of the trail.

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