Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday Bash

So....hi.  I kind of took a not-on-purpose little hiatus from blogging.  Time just got away from me.  I kept telling myself that I would blog about the 2012 Burdorf Birthday Bash tomorrow, and then that turned into the next day and the next.  Needless to say, I have a ton of blogs to catch-up on.  Sorry about that!

Moving on -  Our first Burdorf birthdays times four was on Saturday, March 31st.  It was so awesome that our entire families were able to make it!  When we were first planning, I thought it was only going to be grandparents, but in the end, it was EVERYBODY.  That made me so happy for the kiddos!

We had a day full of cake, presents, food, games (more about that in another post) and family.  It was great!

I let each of the kids have their own cake.  They each got a small round one.  I figure it's not their fault we had them all so close together and we want them to feel special.
Blake and Bowen got Hawkeye cakes.  It seemed appropriate since we are Hawkeye fans and we spend so much time in Iowa City. 
Notice the stray hand trying to grab Bowen's cake.   This photo of Bowen was my favorite one of the day.  There's nothing quite like a first birthday smashed cake picture.  
Brody and his John Deere Gator cake.  He loves tractors and I told him maybe he could think of something besides a John Deere tractor to put on his cake this year.  He replied, "Ok, mom.  I'll have a John Deere gator cake."  Fair enough! 
 Jenna and her diva dancing ways got a disco ball.  It turned out really good and you can't tell by the photo, but it was really sparkly!
 Presents were only slightly chaotic this year.

 Jenna and her cousin, Addy.
 Grandpa Larry with Brody and Bowen
 The kiddos (from left) Aubrey, Addy, Jenna, Brody and Maddox.
 Oh yeah.  We had a slight mishap with our grill.  Aaron went to grill the pork patties and the next thing you know there was fire coming out the bottom and where the knobs were.  I think this singed wire means it's time to get a new grill.  Thank goodness for our friends the Browns!  We went and borrowed their grill.
 Grandma Linda and Bowen.
 Grandma Jo and Blakers.
All in all, it was a great day!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our family for making this day so special for our kids!

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