Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fun and Games

One of the things I love about our family is that we're, um, a little competitive.  When we get together we usually have to play a game - any game where somebody wins and that somebody can brag about it. :)

Our friends, Jerod and Mary, have a yard game called fowling.  Football+Bowling=Fowling.  There's two teams of two, you throw a football at bowling pins and the first one to knock them all down wins.  It is seriously harder than it looks, but really fun!

 This is bad form...haha.
 Good form.  But I didn't play football now did I?!
 So we have had an ongoing tradition of boys vs. girls volleyball.  Before we leave we shotgun a beer.  In our driveway.  Yeah...we're classy like that. ;)  The grandparents watch the kids and we head to the gym for some trash talkin' and volleyball playin'!
 I have to give the hubs props.  He dominated us girls at the net.  It was actually quite annoying.
 This is the first year in I think four years that one of us girls hasn't been pregnant.  We were finally  in full force!  We won game one.
 Game two the boys won.  And they also won game three.  
 Look at my brother.  Nice form. 
We had a bit of a disagreement at the end of the game.  We decided to play one last game to five.  Girls thought it was sudden death.  We won and thought we deserved the trophy!  The boys thought they had already won.  So, I guess it depends who you talk to who won this year.  It was fun though! :)
 I debated on showing this picture.  See me hitting?  Yeah...that ball is going straight down.  On my side of the net.  Because my loving husband blocked it back in my face.  I was so mad and proud of him at the same time. His volleyball skills have greatly improved since we got married. :)

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