Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break!

Spring break weather was amazing! Honestly, you couldn't have asked for anything better. We spent tons and tons of time outside.

The little guys loved this plastic tractor. They discovered that it has a horn that kinda-sorta honks.

I love baby feet!

In honor of St. Patty's, excuse me, St. Patrick's Day, we did a craft in the yard. Jenna got mad at anybody that would say "Patty's" and would correct them that it was "Patrick's." Little Miss Rule Follower!

We put down a shamrock and let the kids paint whatever colors they wanted around it.

Jenna's, oddly enough, ended up looking like Ireland's flag.

Aaron, Jenna and Brody did some yard work. They raked up a ton of leaves and bagged them up. On that note, I helped with the front and of course there was a garter snake in there. EW! Snakes everywhere. I killed it. It wasn't pretty, but I did it. I know, I know, they don't hurt anybody but they freak me out.

And Aaron and I may have had some green beer. :)

With grilled hot wings. It hit the spot!

What better thing to eat and drink when you're watching basketball? We were so torn with the nice weather in wanting to be outside and wanting to be inside for March Madness. This is what Aaron did a lot of break...

He runs the March Madness pool at the school and had to go through sheets a lot.

Our friends, the Cossolottos, stopped by to see us on Sunday! They moved to the Iowa City area in January and we always love to catch-up with them. Andria is a big of picture nut as I am. I liked this picture...

Sunday afternoon I took on the challenge of walking to the city park with all four kiddos by myself. It was a good "wear 'em out" sort of activity.

Bowen (L) and Blake (R) love the swings!

It's the only place in town where they can swing at the same time.

Jenna was scared to climb up this thing.

And they have a sand volleyball court, so all four of the kids played in the sand. Yep, even the babies.

The kids were burying the twins' feet. It was funny to watch

their facial expressions.

Bowen and Brody - two peas in a pod.

They would have stayed in the sand all day if I would have let them.

My favorite photo of the entire weekend. All four of my blessings.

Content and happy. :)

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