Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birthday Bikes

Our first born and precious baby girl turned six (6!!!) on Wednesday. Jenna was so excited for her birthday. We had an early out as the kick-off to spring break.

Aaron and I told her that she could open her "small gifts" before school. She was pretty excited and was able to wear/use everything she got at school that day.

We knew that Jenna needed a newer, bigger bike because she had outgrown her other one. Brody is at that age where he needs his first one.

For those of you that don't know, Jenna and Brody are exactly two years and two weeks apart. Because of the similar bike gifts, nice weather and because he's such a nice guy, Aaron decided to give them their bikes at the same time.

They were pretty darn excited. Jenna and Brody immediately took them outside and started riding them outside. After they showed them to our neighbor, Jon.

Jenna loves her purple streamers. And so do I. :)

She's such a cheeseball.

Brody actually did ride his bike, I'm just not sure why I didn't capture a picture of that.

This bike is just him.

Jenna said..."Take a picture of our shoes." So I did. She was the birthday girl.

Then Jenna wanted to ride Brody's bike.

And then they spotted a helicopter.

All in awesome day!

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