Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Marsh

West Marshall is on spring break from Thursday through Monday. On Thursday, Jenna, Brody, my dad (who had come down for Jenna's birthday), Bailey and I decided to go to the marsh to let Bailey run around.
What a nice, even hot, day for a walk in the sunshine.
Jenna was hilarious. She kept telling me, "Mom take a picture of me like this." She's a creative little thing.
We took time for a group pic. Don't mind the squinty eyes because they were staring into the sun. haha.
We walked through grass. And a cornfield.
And Brody lost a shoe. :)
Then Brody was soooo tired and needed a break.
When we walked through the cornfield I found some ears of corn. The kids figured we could feed the squirrels at our house, so then it was like a scavenger hunt to find ears of corn. I'm in love with this picture of Brody.
He ran out of hands. So we shoved a couple of ears in each of his pockets.
I was surprised at Jenna. She really got into it too.
It was a great day for a great walk. This day, I was thankful for beautiful weather and hanging out with family.

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