Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bowen's Tricks

If you come to our house you will hear things like, "Bowen!" "BOW-EN!" "No-No!" (Turn your back for 3.2 seconds) "Where did Bowen go? Bowen?!"

Ok, you get the idea. This little nugget is strong! And with that strength comes many new tricks, like crawling. Legit crawling. None of this belly flopping, leap-frogging stuff he's been doing. Arms and legs moving the way they need to. He's getting fast too.

Trick number two is pulling himself up on things. Like chairs. And his crib. I almost had a heart attack last week when I came in to get the boys and he was standing up looking at me.

Doesn't he look guilty?

And now, he's just showing off!

He decided to take a break. Snapped this cute pic.

I love baby toes. :)

See what I'm saying on the strong thing? That's quite the plank for a 7 month old!

And taking pictures is a challenge because he's always coming at me! LOL

This is one of his favorite places. Under the coffee table where he either pulls on the cord or crawls behind the chair where I can't reach him. Stinker.

It seems like everytime I feed Blake Bowen tries to climb THROUGH the high chair.

This time it turned out ok when I took the picture last nite. Today? He face planted into the kitchen floor and got his very first bloody nose! One of many I'm sure.

This kid has zero fear. ZERO. He is going to keep us on our toes and I'm sure him and Brody will be best friends!!

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