Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beadle Christmas

After the Burdorfs left Sunday morning, we headed up North to Swea City. Ahhh...Northwest Iowa! The trip up was a little rocky. We had to stop for four potty breaks, Bowen screamed for about a half hour of the time and Jenna threw up (luckily I got a bag there in time and avoided a major mess!).

It was so great to see so many family members! Everybody was there except the Romans from Wisconsin. We missed you Romans! It was so fun to catch up with my cousins. We don't get together near enough, but when we do it's like the good old days laughing, talking and catching up.
Here's my uncle Brad with the twins. He is so good with them!
Grandpa Cliff. Cliffy-O! He brought tears to my eyes. He held Blake and talked to him about pheasant hunting together someday. :) He also told him he was a very blessed little guy who has a lot to be thankful for. Ok...I'm tearing up again thinking about it..
From serious conversation to a big cheese!
Three generations of the Beadles
My cousin Brooke's little girl, Maeci. So cute! I loved her hat and coat.
Somebody got out the 4-wheeler and took the kids (Jenna, Camden, Brody) for rides. Although, I don't think Brody ever actually rode it. When I asked him why he didn't want a ride he said, "I just like gator rides."
What says Merry Christmas more than two yummy cakes?! :) Brandi brought this peppermint cake from Illinois. Soooo good!
And Bill made this equally yummy chocolate cake. I didn't want to discriminate so I had a little bit of both...
We didn't get everybody together in time before they left, so by the time we decided to take a photo...this was who was left. The cousins with Grandpa.
The kids slept on the way home. Yay! It was a great day and hopefully we can plan a get together this summer so we can see each more than once a year.

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Brooke Stevens said...

Love all the photos! So good to see you guys!!