Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decorating the Tree

After we got home from Omaha, the kids were ANTSY to decorate the Christmas tree. Aaron took the older two with him to get some new lights and they put those on on Friday evening. They wanted to continue decorating, but Aaron and I were exhausted from lack of sleep the prior nite, so we promised them we could put the ornaments on first thing Saturday.

So, first thing Saturday, Aaron laid out all the ornaments for the kiddos and they got to work. It was so cute to watch. Listening to Jenna and Brody discuss how to put the ornaments on and where to put them on cracked me up.

We also put our tree in the basement. Even though we're down there, we're not down there as much as we are upstairs, so with the twins, we thought it might be a safer bet. Jenna showed Blake the tree. He just stared at it. I think he liked the lights....
Brody gets to work...
Bowen. He LOVES the tree. Time will tell how much he really loves it. :) For now, he just stares at it.
We did have a minor meltdown. As I type this I can't even remember over what, but the face was too funny to not put this picture on here. Don't mind me in the background with my mismatched pjs still on. ;)
We have some branches that are currently sporting three or four ornaments. I resisted the urge to change it. Everytime I look at those branches hanging on for dear life, I smile. I think there's eight in this small space. :)
My randomness...
Is there anything prettier than a tree filled with lights? I think not!
Jenna and Brody's big ta-da!!!
What's your tree like? Are you a random assortment of homemade and store bought ornaments like the Burdorfs? Or, are you matchy-matchy right out of a magazine or have a theme to your tree?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie- Your kids did a great job decorating their tree. Our main tree is santa themed and kid friendly. I LOVE it!! I do have a bin full of blue and silver bulbs that I may use when the girls are older...but I'm in no hurry! :) This year, the girls have a 4 foot tree ($3 at a garage sale)in their room. I have my collection of felt mouse ornaments on it but when they ask to have their own theme (or no theme), I will be fine with that. Enjoy the Christmas season with your family!

The Hunecke Family said...

We do the color themed tree as our main tree but that is only because we don't have a lot of "homemade" ornament yet. I have added Maddox's first homemade one from last yeat however. I really like the matchy trees though cuz my whol life we did alls orts of cray ornaments. It meant a lot but at the same time I was always so nervous about breaking something. :) We have a snowman tree we put out in the basement to represent my love of snowmen.