Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Concert Weekend

We had a sort of laid back, sort of busy weekend. Saturday was kind of a lazy day, but Sunday was pretty busy.
Aaron, who has been reffing a lot of basketball, reffed Friday night and Saturday afternoon. The kids and I had movie night on Friday night. Our movie of choice was, "Santa Claus." That was the first time the kids had seen it and they loved it!

Saturday, I decided it was time for a craft. I found cottonballs and so I thought they would enjoy making a Santa. This is what happened when we started...
...the kids thought it would be fun to have a "snowball fight" with them. The finished products:
For some reason lately, it seems we are eating a "breakfast for supper" meal about once a week. I was not in the mood to cook Saturday night, so we had pancakes and bacon. I saw this idea on pinterest, to make rainbow pancakes. I made the batter and let Jenna and Brody each pick a color. Brody chose blue; Jenna "violet" (those are her words, not mine!).
I swear, if you want your kids to think you are the best ever, just add food coloring. The kids LOVED this. Oh yeah... Jenna won't eat pancakes without chocolate chips these days and Brody just follows suit.
What happens when you leave Brody alone with food color for five seconds... :)
Because it is going to be so cold this week, we decided to break down and try the winter coats on the boys that we bought LAST season when they were on sale. They are just a bit too big. LOL
Saturday we got rain. Lots of it! Unfortunately for us snow lovers. The kids seemed to think we got about six inches. Notice the grass...
They thought there was just enough in our neighbor's driveway.
Sunday was Jenna's first concert at school! She was a nervous wreck all day. Jenna is so her mother's daughter. :) Here she is lining up:
...and singing. It was so cute and fun to watch. And would you believe it?! Jenna survived!! :)
Grandpa Larry and Linda surprised Jenna by coming to her concert and then were nice enough to watch the kids so Aaron and I could get some Christmas shopping done. We got all four kids done! Woo-Hoo! And it's not even December 23rd.


Anonymous said...

Great pics.
There's a girl taller than Jenna in her class? How did that happen?

Kimberly said...

I've done those pancakes like that too and had the same affect on my kids. From some reason they tasted so much better than regular ones!!