Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hunecke Christmas

We had our Hunecke Family Christmas last weekend. Everybody was awesome enough to come down to State Center! That was so nice to not have to pack and stress about that. Everybody was nice and pitched in and brought some food. My mom especially brought food! She is her mother's daughter. Grandma Beadle always made sure we never starved. :)

Anyway, we spent the entire day together on Saturday. All of us. Nowhere to rush off to. Just relaxing. It was WONDERFUL. Some pics of our 2011 Christmas!
My brother is a dork....
Bowen and Grandma Jo
Grandpa Larry thought it would be fun to do sugar cookies with the kiddos. I think he got more than he bargained for with little hands everywhere. :)
Brody was a mess before he started. Not sure what is already all over his face.
Blake playing his piano. He loves this thing!
Somehow in the making of the cookies, Grandpa Larry and kiddos neglected to frost them. Bill, Mandy and I were just sitting around, so Bill made us some frosting and the three of us frosted.
The finished products. Bet you can't guess who did the yellow frosted cookies with green sprinkles? I'm sure it wasn't a certain Green Bay Packer fan... LOL
Me and my girl. Getting ready to open gifts.
Mitchell and Jess
Justin and Maddox with his new Hawkeye sweatshirt, courtesy of the Burdorfs.
Mom, Bill and all four of the kiddos. This is the best we could do. Not too shabby I would say.
I didn't get pictures of the kids opening gifts. It was chaos with all four of them. Gifts and wrapping paper everywhere. Thanks for a hilarious game of What. (If you all haven't played that game, you should. Funny stuff). I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.
Thank you to EVERYONE for a memorable day!

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