Friday, December 3, 2010

The way I see it...

Christmas at Last
Our family had a great, but busy, Thanksgiving weekend and I hope your and your families did as well. When all was said and done we recorded 550 miles on the mini-van. I’m very thankful that the kiddos were good travelers and that we only ran into about 20 miles of bad weather on our way to our destination and drove out of it. Whew!

So now, it’s officially the Christmas season. I always get so excited for this time of year and I think having kids makes it that much more enjoyable. I do always wish I could hit a pause button about December 15th and just keep it that way for a couple of extra weeks because not only is it a wonderful time of year, but it seems to be really busy too.

Although I didn’t get up at 3 AM or anything to go shopping on Black Friday, I ventured out with my mom in Cherokee on Friday afternoon. That’s really the way to go, in the afternoon in a smaller town. I could never go super early because I don’t like that many people around me when I’m shopping and I don’t like people in my way blocking aisles. That might sound bad, but I just can’t deal with all those people! I like to go slowly and really look at things and not be rushed.
Now that it’s officially Christmas at the Burdorf house that means I will have the radio tuned to Lite 104.1 all the time. I also saw on our television they have a few stations that are all Christmas music all the time. I love it!! I never tire of Christmas music. Last night my husband had class, so I turned on Christmas music and the kids and I colored out of these jumbo Christmas coloring books for about an hour. It was kind of peaceful and a nice de-stressing activity after a Monday at the paper.

Looking at my calendar for the week, I’m wondering when I’m going to have time to get the Christmas tree up. Or my fall decorations down. It might have to wait until the weekend, but the tree is always one of my favorite things to put up. I love looking at older ornaments that we’ve gotten over the years. The ones we got before we were married, our “first Christmas together” one, “baby’s first Christmas”, or the ones that the kids and I made together.
That’s the great thing about Christmas,the stories and memories, but that’s just the way I see it.

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