Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just me and the tree...

Due to the fact that I am home a couple days a week with the kids, my husband had this wonderful (Please note my sarcasm) idea that I could put up the tree. By myself. An artificial one. That's kind of old and not very well marked.

Now, even though I haven't had a real tree since I have been married, in my mind, I'm still a real tree girl. I have never, ever, ever put up a fake tree by myself.

Anyway, I did it! Not quickly. I had to re-arrange branches twice since they weren't very well marked. But, I did it. I would call it a Christmas miracle. :)

The kids had fun decorating the tree. They asked about all the ornaments and I just let them put them wherever they wanted. I'm not the crazy mom who has to have "the perfect tree."

Can you see all the ornaments on the lowest branch? Makes me smile everytime I look at it... :)

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Anonymous said...

Good job Jamie. It looks just like it should.