Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No place like home for the holidays...

Due to scheduling conflicts on both sides of our family, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home, in State Center, just the four of us. Although we would always choose our families over being by ourselves, we couldn't have asked for a better two days.

We baked cookies, played in the snow, watched movies, took naps, played with new toys and just RELAXED! It was wonderful!

After church on Christmas Eve we let the kids open their gifts. Some of their favorites:

Jenna got new princess shoes because her previous pairs broke when she was tap dancing on the kitchen floor.

Brody's first real baseball glove! Ok, we took a chance that he really is going to be left-handed. We saw this glove and couldn't resist. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a good leather (not plastic) left-handed glove for a little kid? Not easy!

I was really trying to make everything extra special for the kids because it was Christmas. I bought "kids wine" aka sparkling grape cider and let them drink it in fancy glasses for our Christmas Eve meal. They thought that was pretty fun!

Christmas morning....I planted myself in the room with the stockings to catch their expressions. I love this one of Jenna. She saw Brody's train set and was pretty excited.

Brody loved his wooden train set!


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