Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday musings...

This blog has been on my mind a lot lately.  I love blogging, but sometimes I don't have time (or make time) for it like I should and want to.  I've been thinking about things I'd like to change and different things I want to write about. 

As a mom of four, a set of twins, a chronically ill child and crazy schedule who also likes to workout, cook,  read and take photos, I feel like I have enough to write about to keep me busy.

Then I think, would people be actually be interested in that kind of thing?  My book recommendations.  A recipe I found and tried.  Things of that nature.  I just don't know.  Would you?  Yes, you.  I'm asking you!  So, please let me know.  Or, maybe I just keep the blog as is and keep on keepin' on.  Thoughts, ideas and opinions welcome! :)

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Stacy Peterson said...

I'm interested even though I feel slightly stalkerish reading your blog. I'm Stacy, Mandy's friend from UNI.