Monday, April 13, 2015

The Ocean...!

On Wednesday we drove about an hour to the Kennedy Space Center (Aaron's choice), which was seriously amazing.  My mind couldn't get over the brainiacs that have worked and do work there.  If they didn't have something they invented it.  I was just blown away.  

We could have spent more time there, but we had to get to this girl's choice/wish/special request - THE OCEAN!!  Yes, I am 34 years old and had never seen the ocean.  I told the kids they should feel lucky they get to see it at such a young age compared to their mom!
We drove to Cocoa Beach, which was a public beach.  I was very nervous of what would be there waiting for us since Spring Break was in full swing, but it was just fine.  Some people there, but it wasn't overcrowded. 
I loved it.  Aaron asked when we were leaving if it was everything I thought it would be and I replied with a very enthusiastic, "Yes!"  I wanted to stay longer.  I could have stayed there for days and been just fine. 
I love the water.  Lakes.  Rivers.  And now I can add the ocean to that list.  Being by the water is so calming, don't you think? I do.  It is one of my happy places for sure.  

These two, Brody and Bowen, were my little fish!  They wanted to get away from shore and let the waves hit them or try to jump over the waves.

Blake and Jenna....not so much.  They were perfectly content just hanging out right up by the shore. 

Jumping over the waves of course.

We wrote different messages in the sand. 
One thing in Florida I learned?  People are way less modest than this conservative Midwestern girl, that's for sure!  You got to see all types at the beach.  A few sun goddesses I wanted to hand a bottle of sunscreen.  Yikes.

Cartwheels on the beach!

We realized very quickly that we kept tending to underestimate the length of time for just about everything.  Oh, we can hit that and that in one day.  And then we'd stay too long at the first place and didn't have enough time at the second. 
The ocean.  I wish we would have had more time there.  Next time!  I love this picture of Blakers.
My favorite picture of the day.  Four of my favorites. 
Happy, happy heart.  

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