Friday, April 24, 2015

Blake and his clot

Yesterday we had a late appointment in Iowa City.  I hate late afternoon appointments because they are never on time, but at the same time, I don't want Blake to have to miss preschool, so for the time being, late afternoon it is!

I'm not sure if I've ever blogged about the blood clot they discovered in Blake's leg following him going septic?  If so, just skip this part.  Anyway, they discovered the clot one of the million times we were in last year and it was due to one of the lines they had in his leg.  I had to give him blood thinner shots every day for awhile and then after some bloodwork hematology said we could stop the shots and then just do vascular u/s checks every few months. 
Well, yesterday was a vascular ultrasound to check his right leg.  Normally Blake cries when we start and then settles down.  Yesterday, no big deal.  He held my hand and kept an eye on the guy doing the ultrasound.  He even told the guy a couple of times that the gel was too hot!  

Following that, we had time to burn between that 3:30 PM check and our 4:40 PM consult with the hematology doc.  So, we did what we always do - visit our friends in peds dialysis!  That bunch is truly the best.  We love them like family and always say hi every chance we get!
 Waiting for the doctor is crazy town with two ornery four year olds.  They: wrote on the chalkboard, gave each other rides up and down on the bed, looked at each other's tonsils, in each other's ears, pretended to scan each other at the computer, turned the sink on and off a million times...  Well, you get the point.  I was willing the doctor to hurry up. 

When she got there she had great news:  Blake's been off his blood thinner shots for a year and his clot hasn't changed and appears stable SO WE NO LONGER NEED TO COME BACK FOR ANY MORE FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS!!!  Are you sensing my excitement?  The doctor said and I quote: Cross this doctor off the list.  Um, happily!  :)

 The new children's hospital is coming along nicely.  It's set to open in 2016 and we can't wait.  It was a source of distraction when we were inpatient and still is pretty neat for the boys to look at every appointment.
Here's the thing about having a chronically ill child I decided on the way home.  You learn quickly that you have to celebrate the big stuff, but also the small stuff.  You don't take things for granted. Ever.  Ever, ever!!  Blake's labs have been good for over a year, but I still get sick to my stomach when I call for results.  When I hear the news, I still to this day get so happy.  I don't think that will ever change.

So, today, we are celebrating getting to cross the hematology department off the list.  Yay for that!

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