Monday, November 4, 2013

The night before transplant...

We arrived in Iowa City on Sunday night and spent the night at the Ronald McDonald House, due to an 8 AM admit on Monday morning.  I can't lie to you, it was TOUGH leaving Jenna, Brody and Bowen at home.  Saturday night Jenna started with the tears, which made me cry too.  After assurance that we can talk in the morning and at night and even Mrs. deNeui (the elementary principal) would take out her phone and call us if they need us in the middle of the day, everything was well when we left.  Bowen, not so much, but I think he got better quickly.

Today we: got an IV put in.  Always a thrill.  Please note my sarcasm.  However, it only took two tries, one sweating Blake and two sweaty parents to get it in. :)  Labs were done  for both Blake and Steph and looked great.  Cross-matching with Steph.  An x-ray. Talks with both the transplant surgeon and the urology surgeon.  Blake is currently getting a drip to clean out his bowels.  Fun times...

Surgery is scheduled (supposedly) for 8:00 AM Tuesday morning.  They think they will take him down between 6:30-7:00 AM.   The bladder portion will be between 5-6 hours and the transplant will be 2-4 hours. 

How am I doing?  I'm actually doing pretty well.  I feel like we've always known that Blake was going to need a transplant and we've waited two and a half years for this.  We got our prayers answered in the form of Steph.  I can't say enough about her!!  She's just amazing.  Yes, you are Steph!  Steph and her husband, Isaac, stopped by a couple of times today to see us, which was so nice. If you haven't already, go read her blog here

So, here we are.  A long day awaits us, but we will hang in there and pray.  Thank you to every person that has sent us prayers, will send us prayers and continues to send us prayers!!!  I'm just overwhelmed by the love you continue to show Blake, Steph and our families!!


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