Saturday, November 9, 2013

Before we left...

In the weeks and days leading up to Blake's transplant, people would ask me, "Does he have any idea of what's going to happen?"  I would always respond that no, I didn't think he did.  Thankfully.
 If our nephrology team reads this, they're probably going to have a heart attack, but on the Sunday that we left I took all the kids outside to let them play in the leaves.  Yes, even Blake.  I wanted to do something fun and let him be outside because it's a sense of normalcy.  For him.  For all of us. 
 They had so much fun!  Our neighbor, Jon, picked up the leaves with his mower and made a pile for them.  Now THAT is the way to rake leaves. 
 Friday was a pretty good day in Iowa City.  Blake still refuses to really sleep during the day.  I think he's constantly worried we're going to leave him, which is understandable.
 His blood pressure was still high yesterday, so they put him on an IV drip of nicardipine (for you medical types out there :)) and that seemed to finally make a dent in those insanley high (140/150 systolic) numbers.  Blake was pretty steady in the 108-120 range yesterday. 
By the end of the night, we were reading books, he did a puzzle and even colored a bit.  But, most importantly, he started smiling just a little bit easier.  I miss his ornery face!
 After many crappy nights of sleep, we both finally slept well last nite.  Much needed!
I think the best thing that happened yesterday was that our donor, Steph, was discharged!  She and her husband, Isaac, came up to visit.  Isaac has been up a couple of times, but that was Steph's first time seeing Blake post transplant.  She cried and that made me cry.  It was cool. 
 I can't say enough what Steph has done for this cute little face.  Not only Blake, but our entire family.  Her husband is pretty awesome too to let her do this and he has been nothing but 100% supportive.
Aaron headed home yesterday afternoon.  Jenna has a basketball game bright and early this morning and then he is bringing all three kids down for the weekend.  I'm just a little excited to see them. ;)
 Justin and Mandy and Jess and Mitch are also coming for the day and who knows who else will pop up to see us!

I ask that you all continue those prayers you have been so generous in sending our way.  A friend of mine said she didn't know how I was keeping it together.  I think it is the prayers, love, concern, and support from all of you.  THAT is keeping me going.  Plus, these four favorites of mine. :)

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