Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pics - some graphic, some not!

I haven't really posted too many photos from Iowa City, so I decided to post a few.  Warning:  Some of these are not for the weak of stomach!!!  Look away now if you need to. Also, sorry about the crappy quality, a lot of these were taken with my phone.

Dr. Kieran, our urologist, was nice enough to take these photos of Blake's kidneys for me.  How crappy do they look?! wonder they didn't work correctly!
As far as I know, nobody got a picture of Steph's beautiful kidney.  I'm very sad about that.
This is a picture of Blake's abdomen right after surgery number two.  I tried to label every thing the best I could.
1. Incision:  They used the same one for both surgeries.  After transplant it looked so much better than it does now.  It was all sutured up pretty.  They took the gauze off after surgery #2 and I internally gasped.  Poor kiddo.  
2.PICC Line - like an IV, but it goes a little bit deeper and they can draw labs without poking!
3. G-tube - he's had that since he was born.  We use it to give him meds and for feeds.  It will stay until Blake can prove he can take enough fluids and foods by mouth.
4. JP Drains on the left and right - these are just hanging out in his abdomen collecting any excess fluid that was in there and shouldn't have been.   In after surgery #2.
5. That bag thing that I forgot to label (sorry!) is a pen rose drain.  That was put in after surgery #1.
6. Appendicovesicostomy - this is and will be Blake's catheter he uses for life.  They took his appendix, moved it behind his belly button and used it to make a channel for a tube.  Eventually, it will just be a hole in his belly button region.  We have to keep tubes in there for awhile.
7. Foley catheter - normal catheter.
8. Nephrostomy - because of damage to the kidney, this was put in in surgery #2.  It is a drain that goes directly into the kidney.  It will stay for awhile until the kidney is healed. 

As of now, the right JP drain is gone, the pen rose is gone, the foley catheter is gone.  We will go home with the JP drain, nephrostomy and appendicovesicostomy.  I could go on for days and days and days about drains.  I know more than I ever thought possible.
 First day in a chair was pretty awesome.  He was happy, happy, happy!
 I mean, look at that smile!
Steph's first visit to see Blake on her discharge day!  She was in better spirits than Blake that day.
 The Hunecke siblings (and spouses) came for a visit. Blake's very excited, can't you tell?!
Pic by Bowen.
 Chaos in a hospital room.  That's us.
 Love having them all together, even if it is in a hospital room. :)

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Mary or Jerod said...

I heard you finally moved to Peds! So excited and happy to hear he's moving around more! Whenever Blake's name comes up in conversation, Cailyn asks if we can go see him again, when you come home and are ready for visitors we'd love to pop in for a play date or something. Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?!