Thursday, November 7, 2013

Creatinine and a special visitor

We are two days since transplant and things overall are going well!  Yay Blakers!  This picture was taken the morning after transplant.  That is a breathing tube down his throat.  Wednesday morning, he was not a happy camper and the nurse told the doctor that he either needed to be sedated or taken off the breathing tube because it was a not a good situation.  They decided to pull it out and he was much happier. 
Wednesday he was pretty sleepy and comfortable.  They were giving him enough drugs to keep him pretty out of it.  On Wednesday night, we face-timed with Jenna, Brody and Bowen.  Jenna and Brody have had a really busy week and were so excited to tell us all about it.  Bowen, not so much.  He saw Blake and instantly started crying.  Which made me start crying.  That twin connection is no joke people. 
 So, on Thursday Jay and Renae brought down a special visitor - Bowen!!  Blake perked right up when he saw Bowen.  Bowen was very concerned about Blake, but happy to see him.  They read books and Bowen even gave Blake two kisses on the forehead - super cute. 
 Aaron read Blakers a tractor book and this smile was one of the first ones that we have gotten since surgery.  That's what we like to see. :)  Doesn't he look way less puffy than that first picture?  Good sign.
Medically speaking, Blake is doing well overall.  His kidney, which Steph named Praise, is producing pee.  Woo-hoo!  We are having issues with his blood pressure being high.  I know, it's pesky.  Today (Thursday) was a little rough in the afternoon because Blake just wouldn't sleep.  They started to wean him off his pain meds and the night before we didn't get a lot of sleep and he was overly exhausted.  Fingers crossed he sleeps well tonite. 

So, this creatinine number is very important.  Basically, it measures your kidney function.  Like the game of golf, you want a low number.  On Tuesday night, that number was at 5.4.  By Wednesday morning, it was down to 2.8, which the doctors were thrilled with.  Thursday morning, it was all the way down to 0.6.  That is a VERY good sign about the kind of things Blake's new-to-him kidney is doing! 

In addition to #keepfightingblake, we are now adding #keeppeeingblake!!

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Mary or Jerod said...

I love your family! Hearing that Bowen got to visit made me cry! We'll definitely be there for a visit next week, have to nail down a day, probably either Monday or Wednesday if that works. Yay, Blake!!