Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ten on Ten

Since I haven't posted in FOR.EV. ER. I thought since it was the 10th of the month, I would do 10 on the 10th.  Ten pictures from our day. 

LOVING: Pumpkin Spice Coffee Mate.  Amen.
 LOADING: My dirty as all get out mini-van for school. 
 WASHING: And drying.  And folding.  And putting away.  I keep begging the laundry fairy to come during the night, but she never seems to make it. ;)
 MATCHING: A lady from the AEA comes to work with Blake and leaves an educational toy or game for us for the month.  The twins are loving this matching game that is supposed to help build their vocabulary. 
 HUGGING: The big sister!  I took pictures at the elementary today and the twins were so excited to see Miss Jenna. 
TURNING:  Fall is my fave.  I always say one of the best parts of living in Iowa is we get to experience the four seasons, for better or worse. 
SWINGING:  Brody was trying his hand at giving the twins underdogs today at the park. 
 CONTEMPLATING: Just how high on the monkey bars he should go.  Blake's face cracked me up.
 JUMPING: This trampoline was one of the best birthday presents we've ever gotten the kids.  Hours upon hours of FuN!
 EATING: outside as the sun sets.  Who knows how many more nights we'll have like this so we thought we should eat outside on the picnic table tonite.  It was perfect!
 READING:   I found this book at the library and am really enjoying it.  And no, I don't watch "Downton Abbey,"...yet.  Do you?
There's a small glimpse into our day.  It was such a beautiful day out!  I hope to do another post over the weekend.  Fingers crossed. :)

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