Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Birthday and Baptism Weekend

We had a full, fun weekend in Mankato last weekend!  Our nephew Maddox turned four, our nephew McCoy got baptized, plus it was the weekend of the Mankato Marathon. 
 We got to Mankato Friday night and the cousins were in heaven!  They stayed busy playing, playing and playing some more.
 What was cool about this weekend was it was the first time in four years that EVERYBODY from both sides made it to the birthday weekend.  My mom and Jenna went to the mall and got Jenna's ears pierced Saturday.  Super excited Jenna!!
 Blake, Bowen and Carter.  A meeting of the minds right there. ;)
 This pretty much sums up the weekend - John Deere themed party!  Maddox got enough John Deere stuff to last him awhile. 

We took some group photos that I will post later.  Mandy thought she was SOOOO funny in this picture. ;)  She thinks she's the favorite daughter-in-law or something!
Cody spotted a dog toy on the roof, so Jenna was handy and her uncles lifted her up to get it.  
 After the party on Saturday afternoon, McCoy's baptism was Saturday night.  The four cute cousins listening to the children's sermon. 
 McCoy did so good and didn't even cry.  He celebrated his three month birthday recently and is such a doll - love him!
 Sunday morning we got up early to make signs for the Mankato Marathon runners.  Our good friends Scott and Lisa Nelsen were running the half marathon. 
Brody's sign: SMILE if you're aren't wearing underwear!
 Jenna's sign: Touch Here (bullseye) for special running power!  You would be shocked at how many people touched her sign, talked to her, laughed, played along, said they needed some of that (we were at mile 10).  Jenna soaked it in and stood out there in the cold with her sign even after the boys went and sat in the van. 
 After Scott and Lisa passed us, they were looping through a park, so I walked across the park to see them again at mile 12.  I was sad I wasn't running in Mankato, but I have to say that it was fun cheering on the runners!  I had a sign that said:  Run like someone called you a jogger.  I got a lot of compliments and laughs on that.  I am so proud of Scott and Lisa, they did awesome!
 It was such a good weekend and nice to have one final bit of extended family time before Blake's transplant, which is two weeks from today!! AHHHH!!!

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Tonia Roesler said...

Thank you for your fun weekend report. Great to see all of your family. Blake is and always has been on our prayer list, but we will have extra prayers for transplant day. I will never forget Lyn's, it was a long day. God bless you all! Love, Pastor Lyn & Tonia Roesler