Thursday, October 17, 2013


So, we have a piano now.  It's awesome.  When my dad retired last year and moved he had two.  One has been sitting in his garage since last May and he kept bugging me about taking it.  Aaron didn't want any part of it.
 Last year, Jenna started piano lessons.  This year, Brody did as well.  That was the selling point I think to Aaron.  BOTH kids taking piano and it being ridiculous that they had to practice on an electronic keyboard.  It's so not the same!
 We love it.  All six of us.  It's right off the living room, so it's easily accessed by the entire family.  Jenna and Brody are good about practicing.  The twins are interested.  I like to attempt to hammer something out.  Even Aaron plays. 
 I find it's a good stress reliever.  I quit taking piano far too early.  One of life's regrets, stopping piano lessons.  UGH.  It is a life long skill, but the good news is that I can still get better, right?!
 We were unsure about if Brody was ready for piano since he has the attention span of a five year old boy.  However, we have been so pleasantly surprised.  He's really into piano and Kara (the piano teacher) assures me weekly that he's doing great!

 You know what I found out about this guy that I married?  He can play by ear.  Not like, two-handed or anything, but he plays the melody by ear.  It's actually sort of impressive. ;)
 And Mr. Blake here.  The kid is all about music.  Doesn't he look like a little maestro right there?  During halftime of football games while the other kids are running around he is completely tuned in to the band.  That makes me happy.  I've even thought about asking about music therapy while Blake is in the hospital for his transplant. 

I asked my dad to bring me up this book of gospel/church songs for me to "borrow," when he brought the piano.  Look what song I found today!  This is one of my favorites.  I have very fond memories of singing this for church choir back in Armstrong.  

That made me think about my dad, Mr. V, George and Bernie singing men's numbers in church, which made me sort of sad that I'll never get to hear them again.  That's one of those things I wish I could have bottled and anytime I wanted to listen, I could. :)
Anyway, happy thoughts.  We have a piano (finally!).  And we like it.  We like it a whole lot. :)

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