Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One Week!

One week from today is the big day!  I can't believe we are down to single digit days.  It once seemed so far away and now, here it is quickly approaching.

We had a pre-op appointment in Iowa City last Friday.  We met with the urologist who will be doing Blake's bladder augmentation.  Dr. Kieran will be taking a portion of his ureters to make his bladder bigger, aka hold more urine.  Right now he holds an ounce and post-surgery we hope that he will be able to hold about four ounces.  We also talked about the catheter placement.

After that, we met with our nurse, Jen, who took Blake's blood pressure.  We've been having some issues lately with it being high.  The last 7-10 days it has been steadily creeping higher.  High blood pressure is caused by too much fluid on Blake, so we made adjustments to his dialysis prescription and added a few extra cycles.  Between that and all the prayers (thank you friends!!), it's working.  Just tonight his bp was 108/60! 

I also wanted to let you know that our good friend, Cathy Conkin, is putting together a "prayer burst" for our family and Steph's family next Tuesday (the 5th) at 7:00 AM.  If you would, we would love it if you would say a prayer for all involved at that time. :)

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Amanda Akers said...

I am so happy, excited, nervous for your family... all at the same time! The kids will be wearing green Tuesday and we will all pray!