Sunday, March 24, 2013

Duck Dynasty Birthday Bash!

Another year and another Burdorf Birthday Bash is in the books!  Whew! It was a fun-filled day with family and I will declare it another success.  This year, the kiddos chose to have a Duck Dynasty theme.  It was so much FUN!  We encouraged everybody to wear camo, as you will see in the pictures.
Blakers with Aaron (pre-camo). 
 Look at these two monkeys!  I just smile looking at this picture.  We had them start the day in their Hawkeye camo before switching over to their other camo for the actual party.  Aaron picked-up some bandannas on Friday (a la Willie on the show!) and the kids actually kept them on for awhile!
 Lots of orange and camo.  I don't go all out with the decorations.  I do napkins, plates, cups and that's generally about it.

 So, a certain somebody (ahem), (my mother!!) decided to not participate in the wearing of camo.  We told her she had to wear the bandanna for awhile.  She looks good, right?!
 So...remember how Jenna told me after the jumping on the bed incident that we should get them a trampoline?  Well, we've actually had this one since Black Friday and have just been waiting for the birthdays to give it to them.  Excited kiddos to say the least!
 Uncle Justin and Aaron worked on it for a couple of hours.  Brody was super patient and was literally outside waiting the entire time for them to get done. 
They let him test it out before they put the net up for just a couple of jumps.  I didn't get a picture of the final product, but it is finished and ready for four kids and warmer weather.
 On the inside, Grandpa Larry played puzzles with Maddox and Jenna.
We were all kind of sitting around in the afternoon and decided we should play a game, so we drug out Headbanz.  Crowd favorite!  Look at Justin and Mandy.  Cute in their camo and headbanz.
So, while I was at the party store I had this great idea to buy these ducks.  When I got home I figured I could make some punch and float them at the top.  FAIL.  The dang ducks kept tipping over!!
 Aaron got them to stay up, for about two seconds.  It's the thought that counts, right?!
 I snapped some pictures of all the awesome camo!  My sister, Jess, and her hubby, Mitch and my nephew Carter.
  My brother, Justin, his wife, Mandy and my nephew, Maddox.
 Even Grandpa Frank and Grandpa Linda donned their camo!  Very cool of them to participate too!
The Gifts!  The nice thing about when the kids have their birthdays is that it's before spring and summer, so they always get a good start on their spring and summer wardrobes.

 They liked the new chairs and refused to look at me for a picture.  Bowen was too interested in showing me the bottom of his socks and Blake's book was really good, I guess. :)
 The Cakes!  For the last, I don't know how many years, we have had a gal here in town do our cakes.  She is AMAZING!  Her name is Jennifer Pelfrey and she runs her business, Cherry Darling Cakes.  We have always thought the cakes have been good, but this year she absolutely outdid herself.

Brody found this cake online and she made it to a "T".
 If you're in to the show, you know that's Jase with his frog.
 And Jenna picked-out this one online.  While the top part is nice, look at this...
 Why yes, those are the edible guys (Si, Willie, Jase and Phil) from Duck Dynasty.  Seriously.  Are those not the coolest things you've ever scene.  I'm just in awe!
 And for the twins, something a little more age appropriate, with camo on the sides (of course!).

 Blakers liked the fire.
 Bowen was a little uncertain at first, but ended up blowing out his candles like a big boy!
I had to get a picture of my siblings and me since: 1. We don't see each other near enough and 2. It's rare we're all three together at the same time. 
All in all, a great day.  A successful day.  A tiring day.  It was awesome to have family here for our annual birthdays!  Thank you all for making the day so special for our kids.  We love you guys!

And, last but not least, the Burdorf Family Photo.  Duck Dynasty, redneckified style. :)


Val Gregori said...

Looks like a successful party!!

mandy hunecke said...

I'd like to add I am not fat, just pregnant. That camo shirt is NOT forgiving! :)

Jennifer Pelfrey said...

LOVE the HUGE smile on Jenna's face! Very happy they all liked their cakes. :)

Mary or Jerod said...

Augh! I love love love it! And Mandy looks adorable, by the way, I could totally tell it was a baby bump and not a beer bump :)