Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cabin Fever

I think we have been doing really good at our house this winter.  Until this weekend.  Saturday was rainy and melty and foggy and gross.  Sunday it was more rain and then this...SNOW.  Ugh.  This weekend I told Aaron, "The kids are driving me bonkers!" We have major cabin fever at the Burdorf Household!
 After church I snapped this quick photo of my love bugs and decided I better have a plan for the day because I knew we may all drive each other up the wall if I didn't organize some activities. 
During the twins' naptime Brody also fell asleep.  It probably had something to do with the fact that we let Jenna and Brody camp out in the living room to stay up and watch "Wreck it Ralph," last night.  No enforced bedtime.  You would have thought it was Christmas! :)
Anyway, while the boys were sleeping I needed something for a bored Jenna to do, so I pulled out the paint.  She loves to be creative so we sat at the table together and she painted, while I wrote a story for the paper. 
We promised the kids we would take them to the gym after naptime to burn off some more energy. 
 Aaron always says Blake is going to be his sports buddy because he will always sit on Aaron's lap and watch games with him.  He knows what to do.  He threw the football and tried to shoot the basketball.
 This photo melts my mommy heart...  Oh my word.  Just the cutest...
 Brody.  Multi-tasking.
 Brody thought he would give this whole roller-skating thing a try.  He struggled a little bit and got up slowly.
 ...and then went down.
 He decided he had had enough.  I told him it was ok.  I told him I was 32 years old and I still can't roller skate worth a hill of beans. :)

Aaron got some shooting in.
I couldn't stand it.  I had to take a picture of his socks.  Winter wool-hunting socks.  They crack me up.  I'm one lucky girl, aren't I?!  Love him. 
 This little sass-a-frass is really good on skates!
Show-off!! :)

 Did you get all that mom?!
 Twins antics on the homefront.  Why yes, Blake has an older sister that likes sparkly headbands...
 Have you heard of the game Headbandz?  Have you played it?  We love it!  We got the kids version for Christmas and the whole family really enjoys it.  I'm glad we didn't get the adult version because this is hard enough for us big kids. 
 We also played Apples to Apples.  We're fans of board games and it keeps the kiddos busy.  Always a good thing. 
 Bowen's face.  What a stinker!  Do I look like a tired mama?!  Well, I am...
 Since I've been a slacker on my 4 on the 4th, I tried to get a couple of pictures of the four kiddos on the couch tonite. 
 I love these monkeys.  They are loud.  They fight.  They scratch.  They get naked at inopportune times.  They giggle.  They play together.  They cuddle.  They snuggle.  I wouldn't trade them...
In the meantime, let's hope Mother Nature is done with the snow.  We are looking forward to green grass and being outside and walks and bike rides and playtime at the park!

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