Monday, March 18, 2013

Seven things

1. We had a crazy busy week last week!  Doctor's appointments, appointments with our AEA lady, a busier than normal work week, our first of four kiddo birthdays.

2. On Thursday, Jenna turned 7!  Cannot believe it.  I swear I just brought that little papoose into the world.  She is spunky and sassy and fun and I wouldn't trade her.  We butt heads sometimes and I'm sure we will continue to do so even more so as she gets older.  I think it's because we're just too much alike.  I adore this photo of her...
2. Also on Jenna's birthday was an Iowa City clinic day for Blake.  Overall, things went well and Dr. Jetton is pleased with his growth.  She decided he might be on dialysis a little too long, so she cut him back to one less cycle a night.  We're watching his numbers to see what happens.  April 4th we go back for a urology appointment to try to figure out what to do with his cluster of a bladder.
3. Aaron and I took some "Future Leaders" photos for the paper on Saturday for four hours.  Holy cow!  That was exhausting and I'm pretty sure we have no future in small child photography if they aren't our own children.  And, can I just say that I think two years old is the toughest age to photograph?!  Can't wait to see how our kiddos pictures turn out with two two-year olds. :)

4. My week also started a little rocky.  Sometimes my job as small town newspaper editor is tough.  You know, when you have a job that is more in the public eye, people seem to think that they can judge you a little more harshly perhaps than other occupations.  Here's the thing: I love my job!!  I wouldn't trade it.  But, when people criticize me I take it very personally and I get upset.  Which makes it nice when...

5. Your week ends a HIGH note!  A POSITIVE note!  I realized at the end of last week after talking to some very kind-hearted people, that for every bad apple in the bunch, there are way more good ones!  I got a hug from a complete stranger after she found out who I was.  "You're Jamie?! You are so much younger than I thought!" Haha!   I also got told I was a very strong person and was thanked for what I write in my editorials.  And, we got anonymous mail.  It was happy and sappy and overall the best mail I've gotten in a really long time. Made. My. Day. :)

6. Saturday is the Burdorf Birthday Bash!  2013 edition.  I will be busy running around like a chicken with my head cut-off this week, but I'm so excited to get the family together.  We (Jenna and Brody mainly) decided they wanted a "Duck Dynasty," theme this year.  We have our camo ready to go!  I can't wait to show you the pictures of the weekend!

7.  Dear Mother Nature:  Please just cooperate.  Pretty please.  Spring starts Wednesday.  Maybe you could make it start to feel like it?  Ok, thanks...!! :)

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