Thursday, March 21, 2013


It's almost the weekend!  And that means the countdown is on at our house for the birthday bash!  We are super excited, but not ready at all...  I know I should be making a grocery list or something right now, but instead I thought I would share some of my Instagram photos from the last couple of weeks. 

In celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday they had Wacky Wednesday at school.  Brody was all about being wacky. 
Oh Bowen...  No matter how crappy of a day I have, this kiddo can always put the biggest smile on my face with his personality!
 Baxter delivery day is a favorite at our house.  Not for the mom and dad, but for the three boys.  Baxter delivers our dialysis supplies once a month and then in turn, the boys think that it's their own personal playground. 
 My kitchen sink sometimes looks like this.  UGH.  Behind clothes, I loathe dishes.  Does yours ever look like this?  Just say yes, it will make me feel better. ;)
 Last Friday we went to Ames and made a stop at Target.  The kiddos are OBSESSED with getting Icees everytime we're there.  And who can blame them?  They are delicious!
 Did you know March is National Kidney Month?  It is.  I wore green last Friday in honor of my baby boy.  Kidneys are amazing organs.  If you have healthy ones, take care of them.
 We had a super fun family day on St. Patrick's Day that started off in a festive mode with green chocolate chip pancakes. YUM!

 After church we went to Des Moines to get party supplies and made our first ever stop at Bass Pro Shop in Altoona.  Oh my word.  That place is AMAZING!  I mean seriously cool!  And I don't even hunt.  Or fish.  But, after walking through there I want to. Ha!
I ran the second longest run of my life recently.  10 miles!  Woo-hoo for double-digits.  
Aaron had to get a new mask for umpiring this summer.  Blakers kind of liked it a little.  We were trying to get him to say, "strike," but he would only say "ball." Clearly he has a tight strike zone!
I've seen this quote before and I just like it.  Don't you think it's great?  Sometimes life doesn't end up how we ever imagined, but that's ok.  We get dealt a certain set of cards and we just do the very best we can with that hand.  Clearly, there's a higher power that thinks we can handle the things that have been set before us.  Sometimes it's hard, but we just need to remember that. 
As I'm typing this I'm reminded of another quote that is similar - 
"You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it."

Ok, sorry for the overload of quotes.  Have a super weekend my friends!

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