Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2 for 3: An Aaron Update

We (ok, Aaron) received the call from Iowa City we had been anxiously awaiting since last Thursday: the results of the cross-matching with Aaron and Blake's blood.  We found that everything came back negative, which in this case is a POSITIVE!  Yay!

Essentially, this whole finding a donor thing is like a three step process: 1. Do you have a compatible blood type? 2. Cross-matching? 3. 372 million other tests that need to be passed.

I'm obviously being sarcastic, but the next step in the process will come on Wednesday, April 10th when Aaron has a full day of tests that include: an EKG, a CT scan, urinalysis, chest x-ray, meeting with a psychologist, general physical and that's all I can remember off the top of my head.

The following Monday, our (ok, Aaron's) case will be presented to the transplant board.  They will decide if he is a good match for Blake, or not, or if more tests need to be done if they have any questions or concerns. 

You know in baseball when you go 2-3 at the plate, you are hitting .667 and that's pretty impressive.  Well, we (again, Aaron) are 2-2 and in this case we really need that perfect performance at the plate, because hitting .667 just won't be good enough in this instance.  Sorry, for the baseball metaphor, but I hope this makes sense.

We will just continue to pray that Aaron passes his big day with flying colors and the transplant board thinks he is an excellent donor and we can have that heavy weight lifted off our shoulders knowing exactly who Blake's donor will be.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, positive comments and encouragement!

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Molly Tietje said...

Good luck! You will be in our thoughts and prayers! This is a huge moment for your family and I know there is a bigger hand that will carry you all through! We will be praying for that home run! :-)