Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Right now...

A blog I follow did this tonite and so I'm stealing it, just because I liked it.

listening to CNN in the background discussing the Iowa caucuses
sitting in the recliner with my feet up
drinking a glass of red wine
thinking I should be working out
wanting to curl up and go to bed at 8:12 PM
needing to fold some laundry
thankful for the dance party tonite with the kids. So fun!
wearing sweats and a t-shirt
praying for guidance
feeling frustration
dreaming of new possibilities
wondering when I will take my Christmas tree down
hoping for some snow!
loving the cuddle time with Jenna and Brody, reading, "Judy Moody."

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Anonymous said...

The Driveway of Life? :) Meg's friend. Other blogs to check out if you haven't...because they are all friends and on Pinterest.
~The Macs
~Joy's Hope
~The Larson Lingo
~Under the Sycamore