Sunday, January 1, 2012

To You 2011

Dear 2011,

What a year you were! By far, the most memorable in my 31 (Aaron's 32) years. It's not even a contest.

You made us nervous, anxious, happy, sad, scared, but most of all you made us feel so BLESSED. We are so grateful for such an amazing year!

We added two new members of our family. Our family of six is now complete. We wouldn't trade it for anything in the whole entire world.

We had our first lost tooth. We had a member start kindergarten. And one start preschool. Aaron hung up his baseball cleats and is done with the coaching gig for the time being. We ran our first 10K together in Mankato. In honor of Blake.

After you, 2011, we know that we are a strong family. We know that we can handle anything. So bring it on 2012. We can't wait to see what you have in store!

The Burdorf Family

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