Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Legit Snow!

On Monday night/Tuesday morning we got legit snow! It was only a few inches, but here in Central Iowa that is a lot for this winter season. It was good and bad. Bad because for the second straight try the twins and I didn't make it to Iowa City for Blake's monthly check-up (Thursday, hopefully Thursday!). Good because the kids have been so anxious to go play in the snow.

Here are some pics of their time outside:
Brody got tired at the end. He kept telling me the snow was "too deep." He must not remember last winter... :)

Brody shoveling our neighbor's yard; Jenna doing cartwheels. Now we now: cartwheels don't even stop in the snow.
My random...
This swing is over at a neighbor's house. Jenna was all about swinging on it.
Just Brody, his shadow and his shovel...
I LOVE this. Their happy faces enjoying the season. :)

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