Thursday, November 17, 2011


At our house we are thankful for crafts! And creativity! The kids really enjoy craft time, so I told them I'm going to try REALLY hard to be organized and plan something for one day a week after school.

Since it is Thanksgiving, I figured the obvious thing to make would be a turkey. After picking up Jenna from her early out, we went home and got started. The feathers for the turkey:
Brody starts putting his feathers on. He is getting so much better at sitting and doing things like that. I think it must be preschool that is helping.
There was a lot of discussion about how to arrange the feathers on their turkeys. So funny to listen to both of them.
Brody took this picture of my turkey and insisted it be put on the blog. :)
The finished products! I think they turned out really good and we hung them up in the kitchen. Jenna's already asking me what we're doing next week for craft time. Hmmmm....

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Kimberly said...

You should check out the website Pinterest if you haven't already. There are so many creative craft ideas for kids. I'm not a crafty person but after being on that website it makes me want to head to Hobby Lobby for supplies to do with the kids! Let me know if you need an invite for the site, it's really neat.