Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Fall Fun

This may or may not be the last blog on fall fun that we're having. :) I figured since I'm on a roll, I would tell you about our impromptu trip to the apple orchard in Cambridge. Aaron decided we should randomly go on a Thursday after school. It was nice. And less crowded. Way less crowded. A tour of our time at the apple orchard:

The obligatory shot when you walk in. Smart idea with the name of the place and the year. All four kids actually facing the camera! Woo-hoo!
The duck races. Aaron is all about the duck races. He raced and beat Jenna. Brody tried too, but he somehow got his finger in the way and that just didn't end well.
Aaron and I tried our hands at lasso-ing. Man that is hard! Seriously, how do those rodeo-types make it look so easy?! I'm in awe. Here I am giving it a whirl.
Jenna with her scary face.
My two oldest took a second to pose with their mama
Gotta love the kissin' pigs. They make me smile every year. I told Aaron we should put this on our Christmas card! :)
Where there is a tractor, there is a Brody...
Daddy and the kiddos on the giant pillow. I really think we could have just paid admission and had the kids jump on the pillow the entire time.
The giant slide. This was a favorite for all of us. They all three wanted to go together. I got a lot of pictures on the slide with great expressions.
And last but not least...
We just love Fall! As I am typing this I just heard the weather on t.v. and they mentioned the "s" word. I'm not ready for the white stuff yet! I will take 60 and 70 degree weather for a few more months.

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