Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quick Trip to the 'Kee

Last Sunday my dad invited us up for a Thanksgiving meal since we won't be getting together when it is actually Thanksgiving. We drove up and back on Sunday. The kids traveled so well! We had a great time listening to the radio, reading books and enjoying some naps.

Anyway, after a nice, big, filling meal my dad took the kids outside to play. I helped with dishes and then headed out with my camera to see what they were up to. My dad had gotten out this...
Our old wagon. All metal. I love this thing. Built to last.
Grandpa Larry posing with Jenna and Brody.
Bailey! I always love when we see my dad because we get to see Bailey too. I love this picture of her.
Anyway, once I figured out what my dad was up to I said, "Uh...I don't think this is a good idea dad."
His response, "It'll be fine." I didn't like the sound of that so much. My dad has a sloped sidewalk on the side of his house and he thought this would be fun:

Ok, so judging by the expressions (which are priceless!) it was fun. But, it gave the mom a heart attack!!
Then they had the idea to hook the wagon to the tractor and that might help with their lack of steering skills with just the wagon. Brody LOVES tractors. Any tractors. Doesn't he looked determined?!
And then Miss Jenna had a turn. Look at her tongue! :)
...And away they go down the sidewalk.
Meanwhile inside the house...
Daddy and Bowen must have had so much food that it wore them out. :)

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